We eliminate the anxiety from Information Technology
Our services are custom designed to meet each client’s unique challenges

We are proactive not reactive

For years we have been managing servers in a hosted environment. We know what it takes to effectively manage an installation. We never assume anything. For example, before a piece of hardware is entered into production, is is thoroughly burned in and tested.This extra step prevents new but faulty components from causing you problems.

We also monitor known problem areas 7/24 to prevent the occurance of a problem. Components alerting us with a warning are immediately replaced - before the issue results in a hard error.


We carefully and methodically apply updates to assure that you are running on current release levels that have been proven to be stable. We back up all servers nightly, and in some cases hourly, to assure that if there is a failure you will be up and back online quickly and with minimal interruption.


Many times, due to a particular application's requirements, a local server is needed. In these cases we can actually host your server on your site. This allows us to easily manage it and provide for your disaster recovery plan and gives you the platform you need to get your daily work completed.



What we do?
We minimize risk

We can manage your installation, whether it's selecting a new phone system, application, or local servers. We improve you performance and availability by applying tested methodologies that we have developed over the years.

We can provide the management you need to see to the proper operation of your servers, desktops, and phones.

We keep you current...


We constantly apply updates to our servers first, assuring that the updates are stable patches.This allows us to spot any problem areas and back out the update if necessary before your users are effected.

We keep you running...


We constantly monitor and backup your system whether it is at our hosting location or at your site. Over the years we have created a regimen of procedures that optimize your system and your up time.

Disaster Recovery
and running, and running...


In the event of a disaster your local server can be constantly replicated and made available at our hosted facility within minutes of a disaster. This capability, coupled with our hot standby PBX, means that your employees can function from their laptops with remote access and soft phones.


EZ Outlook is composed of a team of individuals who provide exceptional service to our clients. 

As a regional business, we know the importance of client satisfaction. In fact, the majority of our clients discover us through client referrals. 

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If you want an IT partner you can trust, with exceptional references ... look no further.

We provide IT outsourcing in a hosted, on-site, or hybrid combination. All for a fixed monthly subscription fee with no long term commitments. Contact us today for a free consultation.

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We provide solutions to small and large clients with diverse focuses. We have significant experience with a number of vendors and products.


Our support covers you 365/7/24, so you know it will be there when you need it.

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