We eliminate the anxiety from Information Technology
Our services are custom designed to meet each client’s unique challenges

Our Microsoft Expertise
We understand technology; we apply technology

We constantly work with Microsoft and its newest products to assure that you are running on the latest stable platform. We host a variety of Microsoft products and deliver the service either onsite, offsite, or a combination of each. This service is delivered with our own tools which proactively monitor and alert us to issues before they happen.


Microsoft WIndows Servers
We keep things running...


We can provide you with the latest Microsoft products whether at our hosted location or at your site. In every case you are assured around the clock service and monitoring. Using our proactive tools, we spot potential issues at your site or ours before they happen. Then we work to remedy the situation with minimal downtime by taking corrective action at night or on the weekend.


Microsoft Exchange and OCS
We keep communications flowing...


We securely place all your email into a common storage system where information can be protected and shared. We minimize spam and viruses by using advanced spam\antivirus software. By using fault tolerant systems, hot standbys, and a pristine data center we can provide "always on" service, whether you're using your desktop, internet cafe, smart phone, or a simple telephone.


We deliver ideas and knowledge...


We can tie your team together with Microsoft SharePoint. It lets you make announcements, schedule events, and securely place important documents on line for all your users to see on your own Corporate Portal. We can add permissions and route your users to the site each day when they open their browser, to get the word out.



Hyper-v and Server Virtualization
We optimize, simplify, and control...


We can quickly, with minimal user interruptions, virtualize your servers to our hosted servers at your site or ours. This provides you with server portability, hot-stand by's, and a bullit proof disaster recovery plan. By virtualizing your servers, your application can run on any of the servers we provide and we keep a fresh copy system in the advent of a catastrophic disaster.


We get it done right and keep it right...


Server management is our passion; we know what it takes to provide exceptional performance and availability. Just ask our clients. We take this same wealth of knowledge and focus it on your servers, whether on your premises or at our secure hosting location.

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EZ Outlook is composed of a team of individuals who provide exceptional service to our clients. 

As a regional business, we know the importance of client satisfaction. In fact, the majority of our clients discover us through client referrals. 

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If you want an IT partner you can trust, with exceptional references ... look no further.

We provide IT outsourcing in a hosted, on-site, or hybrid combination. All for a fixed monthly subscription fee with no long term commitments. Contact us today for a free consultation.

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We provide solutions to small and large clients with diverse focuses. We have significant experience with a number of vendors and products.


Our support covers you 365/7/24, so you know it will be there when you need it.

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