We eliminate the anxiety from Information Technology
Our services are custom designed to meet each client’s unique challenges

Our Philosophy
Satisfied clients and sustained growth:

Satisfied clients and sustained growth go hand in hand. We never begin new ventures before past ventures are rock solid and consistently deliverable.


We also believe that each client has a unique set of needs and may require applications from different vendors at different locations. This is why we are both vendor and location neutral. To you this means we will not be pushing a particular application or service if it is not what you need or where you need it. Instead, we find the best fits and place them in the optimum locations. Whether it's a new EMR system or a new commercial application, located locally or at our hosting facility.

Finally, we assume nothing. We thoroughly test and burn in each component before it is moved into production. Each update is carefully applied and tested in a controlled environment after hours. And systems are monitored 7/24 for potential problems before they occur. By being the skeptic and assuming the worst, we consistently deliver the best.

How it works?
It starts with you...

We do not provide a menu of services from which you must select. Instead, once contacted, we meet with you individually and listen to your goals and needs. Then, taking your budget into account, we create a unique solution for you which we will provide for a fixed monthly subscription fee. Your monthly subscription fee will include most hardware and software costs. Then we work with you to acquire any additional hardware and software you may need and see our detailed plan through to its successful completion.

Share an exceptional data center...


We make sure our environment is composed of current technology whether it's air, power, broadband, or security. Each component is fully fault tolerant and backed up by hot stand by servers. Each component is fully tested before entering production and monitored 7/24..

On Premise
Put it onsite, we got the hot standby ready......


We realize your solution may not lend its self to off site servers so we configure each solution on a case by case basis. In both situations we offer the same tested methods for provisioning, monitoring, and managing your services.

Maybe a combination is called for...


Many times the best fit is a combined approach which addresses onsite requirements with offsite disaster recovery. We can virtualize your application servers and maintain a synchronized copy offsite so that in the event of a disaster you can be up and running quickly and with minimal effort.


EZ Outlook is composed of a team of individuals who provide exceptional service to our clients. 

As a regional business, we know the importance of client satisfaction. In fact, the majority of our clients discover us through client referrals. 

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If you want an IT partner you can trust, with exceptional references ... look no further.

We provide IT outsourcing in a hosted, on-site, or hybrid combination. All for a fixed monthly subscription fee with no long term commitments. Contact us today for a free consultation.

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We provide solutions to small and large clients with diverse focuses. We have significant experience with a number of vendors and products.


Our support covers you 365/7/24, so you know it will be there when you need it.

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