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Phone and Fax Support
We merge the technologies...

Coming from the IT world we have a significant knowledge of the IP world. Internet Protocol(IP) is the backbone of VoIP. We have worked with and understand both the messaging and protocol technologies on which this mature platform is based .


We also understand the limitations and requirements of the technologies. This means that we can design and install a system that meets your requirements without dropped calls, stuttered speech, and at a significant saving over other vendors offering just part of the total package.

Need more assurances? Just ask our clients. If you still need more, remember that all of our systems are offered with a month to month subscription and no long term commitment. We have to earn your business each month.


Unified Messaging
We get it together...

We tie it all together by offering solutions of not just your phones but your servers and desktops. This way you're assured that as information comes in, either voice, data, or email, it is correctly handled and presented to the right person at the right time.

Now you can put a system in place that makes your PC a phone, your email box a voice mail box, and your phone an Outlook workstation..

We get the calls to the right place...


We can provide the PBX which is responsible for answering your phones and routing the caller to the right extension. By using multiple vendors we can choose the system that is right for you and offer either a hosted onsite or offsite solution.

Phones and Faxes
We get you the tools to handle you calls...


We can provide the tools you need for both your voice calls and your faxing requirements. We support multiple phone models so you know that you will have the one you need for the task at hand. We also provide for inbound and outbound faxing directly from you Outlook email.

We get the calls out with significant savings...


We can connect to an AT&T business package you might already have, or host your phones using our redundant solution. By using multiple providers we can provide failover of your phone system so that if any one provider goes offline an alternate is used. This alternate can be us, AT&T, or SKYPE.


EZ Outlook is composed of a team of individuals who provide exceptional service to our clients. 

As a regional business, we know the importance of client satisfaction. In fact, the majority of our clients discover us through client referrals. 

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If you want an IT partner you can trust, with exceptional references ... look no further.

We provide IT outsourcing in a hosted, on-site, or hybrid combination. All for a fixed monthly subscription fee with no long term commitments. Contact us today for a free consultation.

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We provide solutions to small and large clients with diverse focuses. We have significant experience with a number of vendors and products.


Our support covers you 365/7/24, so you know it will be there when you need it.

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